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Recital 3.0
June 27, 2011

Well, we’re at it again.  I met with my musical partners-in-crime, Allen and Jackie, and we spent several hours listening, playing, singing, and searching for the right rep for our next recital (tentatively scheduled for Feb. 2012, I believe).  I could have stayed all night, and nearly did, as I always lose track of time when I’m with those two.  I brought some pieces by Rebecca Clarke, a few Tom Cipullo songs, some Lee Hoiby, and for fun, the de Falla Seven Popular Spanish Songs.  The de Falla is a bit too low, but it has such a great flavor, I couldn’t resist.  The Clarke won’t work at all, but watch out for that Cipullo!
Jackie and Allen know a good many instrumentalists, and so far, we’ve done pieces with cello, clarinet and oboe on our recitals.  We would love to try to put together a small ensemble for this next recital – we’ll see how that continues to evolve.  It’s great to dream it up and work things through and make things happen for ourselves.  I really have Allen and Jackie to thank for bringing me in on the music making – it was their idea to put on a joint recital a few years ago, and here we are, still going.  If left to my own devices, I’d still be wishing for the day when I could sing my own art song recital.

As I was searching the internet for more music, I said to Jackie, ‘I can’t believe how much music is out there, if you look.’  I can’t pretend to like all of it, but thanks to the internet (hooray for the interwebs!) there is almost no end to the amount of music to hear and explore.  I honestly can spend hours sitting at my laptop, combing through websites, looking for great music for the three of us to tackle.  For the next month or so, you’ll know where to find me…

And if that wasn’t enough, a storm came through the area while we were rehearsing and afterwards the largest rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life was stretched across the sky.  An auspicious beginning, I think.

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Singing our sadness
June 26, 2011

Yesterday morning, I had the honor to participate in something awe-inspiring.  About 100 singers from three different Atlanta area choirs sang at the funeral of Mark Arnold.  Mark was a member of each of the three choirs represented, and it was a privilege to participate in the service for him.

I’ve sung at funerals before, but never as a member of a choir, and never at a service where I knew the deceased.  As one of a hundred or so voices singing to honor the life of a friend, I could feel our united energy fill the sanctuary.  Our music was made up of beauty, grief, memory, and the miraculous collaboration that makes choral singing so special.  In my mind, I felt our song was a glowing light that every voice made glow brighter, even as it was the outpouring of our sadness.  I can only hope that Mark’s widow, Judy, felt some measure of comfort from our offering.  I know I was uplifted by the communion of the singers in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

It’s just this sort of thing that makes me very happy to be a human.  It’s humbling and I am grateful to have shared in Mark’s life of music making and to have shared in music-making at his passing.