Singing our sadness

Yesterday morning, I had the honor to participate in something awe-inspiring.  About 100 singers from three different Atlanta area choirs sang at the funeral of Mark Arnold.  Mark was a member of each of the three choirs represented, and it was a privilege to participate in the service for him.

I’ve sung at funerals before, but never as a member of a choir, and never at a service where I knew the deceased.  As one of a hundred or so voices singing to honor the life of a friend, I could feel our united energy fill the sanctuary.  Our music was made up of beauty, grief, memory, and the miraculous collaboration that makes choral singing so special.  In my mind, I felt our song was a glowing light that every voice made glow brighter, even as it was the outpouring of our sadness.  I can only hope that Mark’s widow, Judy, felt some measure of comfort from our offering.  I know I was uplifted by the communion of the singers in a way I couldn’t have imagined.

It’s just this sort of thing that makes me very happy to be a human.  It’s humbling and I am grateful to have shared in Mark’s life of music making and to have shared in music-making at his passing.

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